The Martyrdom of

Thomas Merton

Book reviews and comments

Unassailable !

-Brother Matthew Nyland O.S.B.

This is a marvelous book and very well researched,  

-Sister Inez Marie Salfer, P.C.P.A.

I found your book fascinating and troubling.  Your meticulous and extensive research brings out the many contradictions, changing statements, suspicious behavior and confusion surrounding his death and the “investigation” following it… The possibility of murder and a cover-up had never occurred to me, but is a totally believable conclusion after reading your book.   

-Sister Mary Paul, O.P.

I am sure that your contribution to our symposium is going to reveal the hidden truth on Merton's death. Let us hope it will be successful.

-Father Bernard Sawicki, O.S.B.,

Coordinator Monastic Institute at the Pontifical Atheneum, Sant' Anselmo, Rome

Turley and Martin provide detail after detail refuting the false information that has been disseminated for five decades.

- Matthew Fox

Rome now has the beginnings of Father Merton's cause for sainthood.

Rev. Donald Brice, Archdiocese of Washington, DC

"Turley and Martin doggedly track down documents, past interviews, witnesses, written accounts, and anything else they can obtain relevant to the circumstances of Merton's death while trying to unravel the errors, confusion, and contradictions...[Merton biographers Michael] Mott and [John Howard] Griffin...receive much of the authors' venom, and deservedly so."

- Culture Wars, December 2018

In a paper presented this summer in Rome at the Thomas Merton Symposium, David Martin and Hugh Turley presented the findings of their book, The Martyrdom of Thomas Merton: An Investigation, which discloses photographic evidence and picks holes in the accidental electrocution story.  - The Irish Times December 3, 2018

In the end, they conclude that Thomas Merton was assassinated, a revelation that has made many Merton scholars uncomfortable, even reluctant to hear what Turley and Martin suggest         - John Smelcer

A brave and interesting book that gathers a subtle journalistic investigation about...the death of Thomas Merton..."   -Francisco Raphael de Pascual, OCSO

Until the publication of this provocative book there has never been an investigation into the strange circumstances surrounding the death of Thomas Merton. 

-Sabina Clarke

It is time to begin to not only recognize the value of Fr. Louis, Thomas Merton’s depth of search but his clear rightful station of martyrdom.  - Anthony Donovan